A perfect blend of seasonal selections and classic products.

“Our world is a busy place, life is complicated at times, but we work hard to demystify good food.”
– Christine van der Lieck, Founder

We take pride in producing the finest quality charcuterie from uncompromisingly good ingredients and ethically raised meats. Our mouth-watering fare includes fresh sausages, terrines and pates along with our cured hams and salamis, including our famous saucisson sec. We also offer a wide variety of cheeses, each carefully sourced and tasted.

Seasonal Selections

While summer at Oyama means sausages on the grill, winter brings its own pleasures. Sausages, such as Rookworst and Vaudoise, beg to be simmered with lentils or beans for a hearty soup or stew to warm the soul. Fresh Italian-inspired sweet or Marsala sausages incorporate seasonal ingredients to complement pasta dishes. Traditional English bangers yearn for some mash. Or, try some sauerkraut to pair with the smokiness of our smoked Kassler Loin or Mennonite sausage that make their annual winter appearance. The focus is on warmth and comfort!

Modern Charcuterie

For Oyama, modern charcuterie means exploring an ever-expanding repertoire of flavours. It is almost impossible to live in the global village of Vancouver and not be inspired by the awesome diversity of culinary options surrounding us. Influenced by the exciting possibilities arising from Asian, Latin American, European and African cuisine and encouraged by our worldly clientele, we employed the principles of traditional sausage-making to experiment with non-traditional sausage seasonings and came up with some surprising and delicious new classics. Imagine taking a traditional Bratwurst and transforming it into a Miso Pork Sausage! Or, drawing inspiration from South East Asian spices and inventing our Butter Chicken Sausage! Not to be missed is our modernized traditional sauscisson sec with the citrus lightness of Lemon or Orange Confit. Let your taste buds travel the world!

A word about nitrites…

Oyama products which are not part of our Green Label line may contain sodium nitrite as part of the traditional curing process. However, the amounts contained are typically less than you would find in many green-leafed organic vegetables!

Product List

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