Great food is meant to be shared.

“If there is one thing I hope to achieve at Oyama, it is to instill the same enthusiasm for the wonders of the culinary universe that I feel every day.”
– John van der Lieck, Founder

Oyama is about the feeling you get when you sit down at a table with good food, wine and friends. It is the moment when you relax, savour and take your time. The passion, knowledge and enthusiasm that we pour into our products are what keep customers returning to the Oyama counter year after year.

Oyama Sausage honours its roots in the discipline and tradition of a five-generation family-based charcuterie trade but has added the complexities of flavour made possible by the wonderful multicultural diversity of Vancouver. We select the freshest ingredients without compromise; if a cut of meat does not meet our standards, it simply does not go into our products. We take our time, respecting the recipes and methods that have worked for centuries. If a ham takes two years to cure to perfection, it will cure for two years.

Our purpose and passion is to craft a food experience like no other. Travel with the smells, flavours and textures of our sausages, salamis and terrines. Evoke a distant memory when the saltiness of our cured hams touches your tongue. Create a new experience savouring our inspired creations. We invite you to join us on this tasty journey.