Why should Europeans
have all the fun?

Take the Oyama Taste-It-For-Yourself Challenge!

In Europe, it is common practice to shop daily and to benefit from the dozens of stalls set up in the local town squares. Brightly coloured awnings shade the local fresh fruits and vegetables on offer. Olives and tapenades, cheeses of all kinds, fresh breads and pastries are displayed in front of proud vendors who offer samples as you pass. Le charcutier calls with an invitation to try his prosciutto and it melts on your tongue. The appreciation on your face is his reward for a job well done.

Shopping this way ensures that choices are fresh and at their prime and that artificial preservatives and chemicals are unnecessary. At Oyama, we heartily support and follow these traditions and are rewarded each day by the enjoyment shining on the faces of our customers (and our kids!).

It may be hard to believe that the natural, delicious products crafted with care at Oyama could really taste that much better than their supermarket-purchased counterparts. They do. Here is a list of seven of our star players to try in case you need convincing.

Cooked and Cured Hams Beyond Compare

With the faint sweet smell of an ocean breeze, our cooked hams are full of delicious taste, not water.

Unparalleled Pâtés

Packed with rich and complex flavours, our pâtés range from deliciously smooth and creamy to rustic layers of pâté de campagne waiting to be heaped on a fresh baguette.

Soul-Satisfying Pork Pies

Warm and filling with a rich pastry crust. You won’t be disappointed.

The ultimate Roast Beef experience

Expertly cooked to tender perfection, our roast beef is distinguished by its moist pink centre.

Smoky Sweet Pork Chops

Bursting with juicy flavor.

Authentic Chorizo

This is the real thing. The spice of pimentón, the Mediterranean aroma of oregano and the freshness of garlic set our chorizo into a category all its own. A must try.

Prosciutto that demands your attention

The sublime balance of earthiness, sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth perfection result from careful curing and top-quality ingredients. Beyond compare.

Our Applewood Smoked Bacon

Real bacon, like any of our bacons. Bacon that is done right. Without any accelerators or artificial smoke flavours, and that does not water when fried.

So, surround yourself in the sights and sounds of Granville Island Market and have a little fun with our taste test challenge. Stop by and let us know the results!