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Swedish Hams for Christmas

Yes, we are making Swedish Hams for Christmas 2021!

What is a Swedish Ham? 

They are raw, mildly salted and cured, boneless, skin-on hams. We salt and hand-tie each ham in our kitchen so it is ready to take home and bake. Before baking, they look like this (Half size shown):

The Swedish Ham is traditionally prepared with a mustard, bread crumb topping.  However, it tastes fantastic with no topping at all, or with a sweet or savoury glaze (ex: apricot jam, brown sugar + grainy mustard, ginger jam, etc).  Cooking instructions are provided with each ham and they are also available on our website here.  A fully cooked and glazed ham looks like this (Half size shown):

Ordering / Pickup

To reserve a Swedish Ham, please complete our order form here.  Additional Oyama products can be included on the same order.  Payment is made at time of pick-up.

Swedish Hams will be available for pick-up between Saturday, Oct 18th and Thursday, Oct 23rd.

Unfortunately, Swedish Ham pickup is NOT available on December 24th.

Please note, our Fast-Lane pickup table will be open from 9am to 4pm, Tuesday Dec 21st to Thursday Dec 23rd.  Customers can pickup their hams directly from the Fast-Lane pickup table during those times.  Otherwise, the hams should be picked up at our retail store. The Fast-Lane pickup table is located here:

Size / Cost

The Swedish ham comes in two sizes:

  1. Full ham (approx. 10lbs) – typically feeds 10 – 12 adults.  Oct 2021 price is $6.50/lb.
  2. Half ham (approx. 5lbs) – typically feeds 4 – 6 adults.  Oct 2021 price is $7.00/lb.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call our store at 604-327-7407.

Bon appetit!

Cassoulet 2021!

Our house-made cassoulet dishes will be available from Nov 25th to Nov 28th. Each cassoulet dish includes braised lamb, salted pork and white beans in a thick savoury sauce (serves 2).  Classics such as Toulouse sausage and Duck Confit are available as well.  Reheating instructions provided. 

Preordering is encouraged – to reserve call (604-327-7407) or email ( our store, or use our preorder page here (

Please note, due to space restrictions “Fast Lane” pickup is not available for cassoulet orders – please use regular counter service for pickup.

Bon Appetit!