Great food is meant to be shared.

The passion behind Oyama isn’t just about producing
quality product; it’s about crafting an experience like
no other with food.


Oyama Sausage was founded by John and Christine van der Lieck over 30 years ago.  Originally located in beautiful Oyama, B.C. (hence the name!), the business relocated to the historic Granville Island Public Market in 2001.

John is a 5th generation charcuterie craftsman. During his 40 years in the trade, John developed Oyama’s amazing selection of products using his extensive knowledge of gastronomy and his passion for quality ingredients.  John constantly experimented with fusions between traditional charcuterie and international cuisine in an effort to delight and surprise the palate and to develop Vancouver’s own unique food culture.

As a result of John and Christine’s hard work and innovation, Oyama has developed into a unique food destination for Vancouver locals and visitors alike.


Today, Oyama makes over 400 different products throughout the year, many of which change according to the season.  Oyama continues to develop new products on a regular basis so that there is always something fresh and exciting for even its most longstanding and faithful customers.


Since inception, Oyama has pursued quality in every aspect of its operations.  From the quality of its ingredients, to the quality of its recipes, to the quality of the service customers receive at the store, the Oyama team is not satisfied unless its customers receive the best.  Wherever possible, Oyama partners with local farmers and producers in order to obtain fresh, first-rate ingredients for its products.

Oyama is a family-owned business that puts its heart into making sure each product destined for your table would be proudly served on their own.