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September 2017 at Oyama

Another beautiful Vancouver summer is past and golden fall is upon us! Celebrate a new season with Oyama!

First week of September – Back to school September 5th


 Time to stock up on those delicious Oyama cold cuts for the hungry family! Roasted Turkey Breast, Ham Mortadella, at least 6 tasty hams, Roast Beef, sliced salami and more.  Pepperonis and other snacking sausages are a great source of protein for kids of all ages! Tons of cheeses for slicing too!

Oyama Garlic Fest – Thursday September 14th – Sunday 17th


Our annual celebration of all things Garlic!  We load up some tasty sausages with heaps of B.C. garlic – Garlic Smokies, Garlic Parsley Toulouse, Smoked Garlic Brats, Basque Garlic Chorizo….  It is also one of the few times in the year we make our Russian Garlic Salami!

Swedish Ham Tasting – Friday September 22rd-Sunday 24th

We will be sampling Swedish ham at our store all weekend.  Already time to order for Thanksgiving!

 Boudin Noir, first of the season – Friday September 29th to Sunday October 1st

In keeping with tradition, on the last weekend of every month during the fall, winter and spring, we make this famous French blood sausage, as well as its Spanish cousin, Morcilla.  Pre-order to reserve.



Summer 2017 at Oyama

Summer 2017 at Oyama

Summer is a time to be outside and enjoy all the things our amazing province has to offer!  At Oyama, we will be cooking up lots of great food for your summer activities:


For BBQ’s in the backyard or at the cottage we make 40 to 50 types of fresh sausages each week and at least a dozen smoked ones

For Picnics in the park or on the beach grab some amazing charcuterie such as salamis, prosciuttos, patés, and terrines as well as some cheese and ready-to-eat pork pies

When Hiking the local trails and mountains try some pepperoni, landjagers and salami which travel well and satisfy that hunger for protein!


We also have a few special events in the summer to watch out for:

Bastille Day (La Fête Nationale) – Friday, July 14th

France’s national day is the perfect occasion for us to celebrate the country’s amazing cuisine! In addition to our regular French items such as Saucisson Sec, Jambon Blanc and Campagne Parisienne terrine, we will be making special treats such as Boudin Noir and Boudin Blanc with truffles!

Celebration of Light – Saturday July 29th to Saturday August 5th

For the annual fireworks display, we have lots of fresh sausages inspired by the countries that are competing: Japan (Saturday, July 29th), the United Kingdom (Wednesday, August 2nd), and Canada (Saturday, August 5th).

BC Day and Labour Day Long Weekends

As is our tradition, we will be making our famous Chili Cheese Brats and Southern Pulled Pork sausages for these long weekends.  If you order ahead we will reserve some for you.

June 2017 at Oyama

Beer, dads and Italian Street Food!  June has something for everyone!


Craft Beer Weekend – Thursday June 1st to Sunday June 4th

Beer is fantastic in sausage! Ales, lagers, stouts, pilsners… they each bring their unique flavours and characteristics to the mix.  So for Vancouver’s Craft Beer Week, we use some of our favourite local brews to make a variety of beer-filled bratwurst and salami!


Piadinas  – Saturday June 10th

This weekend we will be introducing Vancouver to the Piadina!  A cross between pita bread and a tortilla, the Piadina is a traditional Italian street food from the Romagna region.  Piadinas are stuffed with tasty ingredients like prosciutto, salami, veggies and cheese!  We will be cooking them up at the store and handing out samples to hungry customers!


Father’s Day Weekend – Friday June 16th to Sunday June 18th


For all the dads out there who deserve some special recognition this weekend! We will have lots of favourites for the grill like Prime Rib beef and Bourbon Chipotle pork sausages. Also lots of tasty salamis and cool treats like Smoked Bison and Wild Boar prosciutto.


Pasture-raised pork – Giesbrecht Farms – Thursday June 22nd to Sunday June 25th

Our “micro-farm” partner for June is Giesbrecht Farms located in Aldergrove, B.C.  Since 1993 Brian Giesbrecht has been raising free-range heritage pigs such as Berkshire and Tamworth on this small farm.  These pigs get amazing food primarily consisting of assorted nuts, alfalfa hay and overflow produce from local grocery stores!  Look for lots of products made with Giesbrecht pork this week at Oyama.


Canada Day Weekend – Thursday June 29th to Sunday July 2nd

Canada is turning 150 years old!  Granville Island always has so much going on during the Canada Day weekend and this year is no exception.  For your own celebrations, we have some amazing food that is perfect for the backyard grill or your weekend out of town!  Elk and Bison smokies, Maple Breakfast sausages – unique Canadian taste!

May 2017 at Oyama

Although the calendar doesn’t completely agree with us, at Oyama we consider May to be the official start of summer. May is when you dig the shorts out of the closet, leave the jacket at home, and get your first homegrown tan of the year (hopefully not too pink!). And of course, May is when the bbq really gets going! At Oyama, we have everything you need to keep those backyard meals fun and delicious!

Mother’s Day Weekend – Friday May 12th  – Sunday May 14th

Mother's Day Logo

We like to make something special for mom each year. This year lots of truffles and mushrooms will be on the menu: Truffle Duck salami, Champagne Truffle Chicken sausage, Truffle Pheasant sausage and Duck Morel pate!  Enjoy some quality time and great food with mom this weekend!

May Long Weekend – Thursday May 18th – Monday May 22nd

Long Weekend SignBBQ Outdoor Shutterstock

Let us help you kick off summer in style!  40+ types of fresh sausages to choose from including 2017’s first batch of Chili Cheese brats and Southern Pulled Pork sausages! Our full line-up of smokies and hot dogs as well.  Happy cook-outs!

Pasture-raised pork – Five Sisters Farm – Friday May 26th – Sunday May 28th

Five Sisters Farm Logo Five Sisters Farm Pigs

We are very excited this weekend to be featuring free-range pork from Five Sisters Farm.  Five Sisters is a family-owned farm located in the Sayward Valley on northern Vancouver Island.  Five Sisters raises registered Large Black pigs, a heritage breed.  All these pigs are ethically raised and range free on pastures and in the woodland. Their largely forage based diet (roots, grubs, grass) is supplemented with spent grain from a local craft brewery, milk, whey, and free-range eggs.  We will have lots of fresh sausages available made with Five Sisters pork!