Great food is meant to be shared.

The passion behind Oyama isn’t just about producing
quality product; it’s about crafting an experience like
no other with food.

John van der Lieck

John is a 5th generation charcuterie craftsman. His heritage is German and Dutch but his passion for gastronomy reaches internationally.

John’s enthusiasm is evident in his quest for ingredients. His partnerships with farmers and suppliers ensure that the cream of the crop is always delivered to Oyama. John is constantly experimenting with fusions between traditional charcuterie with international cuisine in an effort to delight and surprise the palate and to develop Vancouver’s own unique gastronomic culture.

Christine van der Lieck

Christine, co-owner of Oyama, with her husband, John. They have two children and as with most busy modern moms, Christine divides her time between her children and work. She treats each Oyama customer as family and puts her heart into making sure that each product destined for your table, would be proudly served on hers.