Swedish Hams back for Easter

Yes, we are making Swedish Hams for Easter 2021!

What is a Swedish Ham? 

They are raw, mildly salted and cured, boneless, skin-on hams. We salt and hand-tie each ham in our kitchen so it is ready to take home and bake. Before baking, they look like this (Half size shown):

The Swedish Ham is traditionally prepared with a mustard, bread crumb topping.  However, it tastes fantastic with no topping at all, or with a sweet or savoury glaze (ex: apricot jam, brown sugar + grainy mustard, ginger jam, etc).  Cooking instructions are provided with each ham and they are also available on our website here.  A fully cooked and glazed ham looks like this (Half size shown):


Swedish Hams will be available for pick-up between Friday, April 1st and Monday, April 5th.  To reserve, please complete our order form here.  Additional Oyama products can be included on the same order.  Payment is made at time of pick-up.

Size / Cost

The Swedish ham comes in two sizes:

  1. Full ham (approx. 5kg) – typically feeds 10 – 12 adults.  Apr 2021 price is 13.50/kg.
  2. Half ham (approx. 2.5kg) – typically feeds 4 – 6 adults.  Apr 2021 price is 14.50/kg.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call our store at 604-327-7407.

Bon appetit!