There’s a lot more to
Oyama Sausage than our fantastic pepperoni.

Since you really can’t go wrong at Oyama, it’s the perfect opportunity to be adventurous.

Overwhelmed? Ask us!

There is nothing we love more than helping you to select something delicious. Give us some guidance or give us free reign and you will go home happy.

Close your eyes and point.

Open your eyes and open your mind and taste buds to a world of possibilities. Duck prosciutto with its complex sweet spices and port wine finish, Vietnamese pork sausages, coarse pâté de campagne studded with meaty treasures…

Here are some ideas to help you choose:


Cured pork cheeks. Use it instead of bacon or prosciutto on any pasta. Adds a layer of depth to any dish that is sublime.


Probably the best salami you will ever have. Pair it with a glass of Mencia from NorthWest Spain.

Duck with Orange Sausage

Grill it. The way the orange caramelizes… it is pure heaven.

Toulouse Sausage

Grilled or Fried. Pork and nutmeg will take you back to the old continent. Pair it with a white Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Jambon des Aimes

Deliciously tender and creamy flavour, with an unbelievable decadent crackling side.

Swedish Hams

Probably the best cooked at home ham you will ever try, and really easy to make. Pair it with a delicious riesling or Gewürztraminer. You’ll never consider having turkey again.

Marsala Garlic Salami

Sweet and garlic don’t just pair well… they pair fantastic in the presence of certified organic B.C. pork.

Applewood Smoked Bacon

Real bacon, like any of our bacons. Bacon that is done right. Without any accelerators or artificial smoke flavours, and that does not water when fried.

Pork Pies

You think English food leaves a lot to wish for? Think again. Serve it with English hot mustard and a good ale.