December 2018 at Oyama

Swedish Ham Tasting – Friday Nov 30th & Saturday Dec 1st

If you have ever wanted to try out famous Swedish Ham, now is your chance!  Boneless, salted and skin-on, these hams are delicious, easy to prepare and perfect for holiday feasting! Pre-order to reserve as we often sell-out.

Game Weekend – Thursday Dec 6th – Sunday Dec 9th

Looking for something unique and tasty for you charcuterie boards – try our Lapin Maison Terrine, our Goose Prosciutto or our Wild Boar Prosciutto (and dozens more!).   We bring out all our game specialties this weekend!

Christmas and New Year’s 2018

Every year we make special creations just for the holiday season.  The full list is available on our website from Dec 1st onward (

Also, starting Dec 15th our “Fast-Lane” service is open for preorders to bypass the regular counter line-up.