April 2019 at Oyama

A few special dates to keep in mind in this April…

Taste of Asia – Friday Apr 5th – Sunday Apr 7th

We are blessed here on the west coast to be so close to the flavours of the far east.  Over the years, they have become an integral part of Vancouver’s cuisine that they don’t even seem “foreign” anymore.  In our annual ode to fusion, we are making everything from Mild Thai Pork to Tandoori Lamb to Sake Sesame Chicken!

Free-range pork – Giesbrecht Farms – Friday Apr 12th – Sunday Apr 14th

Our “micro-farm” partner for April is Giesbrecht Farms located in the Fraser Valley.  Since 1993 Brian Giesbrecht has been raising free-range heritage pigs such as Berkshire and Tamworth on this small farm.  These pigs get amazing food primarily consisting of assorted nuts, alfalfa hay and overflow produce from local grocery stores!  Look for lots of sausages made with Giesbrecht pork this week at Oyama.

Easter Weekend – Friday Apr 19th – Monday Apr 21st  

Finally! Easter arrives a bit late this year, but it will be worth the wait!  Strasbourg Terrine, Easter Bunny Pate (sorry kids!), loads of breakfast sausages and of course, our Swedish Hams for Easter dinner.

Boudin Noir and Morcilla – Last of the Season! – Friday Apr 26th – Sunday Apr 28th

The last boudin noir and morcilla of the season!  We will not be making more of these French and Spanish blood sausages until late September.  Call the store (604-327-7407) or email (orders@oyamasausage.ca) to reserve yours.