February 2017 at Oyama

Love and family are what February is all about.  February is a short month, but it is action-packed with food excitement at Oyama!

Football weekend – Saturday Feb 4th – Sunday Feb 5th

Football BBQ Sausages on grill

For many football fans, this is the biggest weekend of the year!  It is also a fun reason to get together with friends and family to enjoy great food and drinks!  Smokies, salami, pepperoni, cheese – we have loads of options at Oyama to keep everyone happy no matter how the game turns out!


Valentine’s Day and Family Day Weekend – Friday Feb 10th – Tuesday Feb 14th

gorgeous trays 1 Cupid Pig

Valentine’s Day is about love and at Oyama, we love food!  Valentine’s day gives us an excuse to make to some more exotic and enticing flavours.  Arouse your taste buds with our White Chocolate Elk sausage or our Raspberry Duck pate!

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, is the Family Day long weekend.  Granville Island is such a fun place for families as it has something for everyone. For the occasion, we stock up on pepperonis (six types!), cheese, hot dogs (3 kinds!), as well as lots of sausages for dinner back home.  The Public Market is open regular hours all family day weekend.


Viva Italia – Thursday Feb 16th – Sunday Feb 19th

Italian Charcuterie italian flag

On this weekend, we celebrate Italian passion for great food.  We make over a dozen Italian-inspired fresh sausages, such as Tuscan Chicken with Basil, Italian Duck, and Marsala Pork.  Of course, we also have lots of Italian charcuterie to choose from including Culatello, Prosciutto di Parma, and Finocchiona salami.  Buon appetito!


Boudin Noir and Morcilla – Friday Feb 24th to Sunday Feb 26th

boudin noir with apples

 As is our tradition, for the last weekend of the month we make our French and Spanish blood sausages. Call the store (604-327-7407) or email (orders@oyamasausage.ca) to reserve yours.