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November 2015 at Oyama

DSCN0519 cheesefest 2013-1 cassoulet14 DSCN1469 manger cassoulet DSCN0488 rosy camp boudin noir with apples


It`s that time of the year when Oyama makes the grey go away with delicious comfort foods!  Entertaining season is beginning, we`re ready!


Thursday November 5th – Sunday November 8th – Oyama`s Cheese Fest and Simmering Sausage Fest


Sausage and cheese are wonderful partners!  We celebrate our diverse selection of delicious cheeses this weekend with lots of local and international choices.  Lots of samples, easy cooking ideas, ideas for party trays and more.  Fall in love with some of our scrumptious, oozingly cheesy sausages such as Gouda Brats, Cheesy Italian, Cheese Smokies, Lamb with Feta and more!

Also this weekend, our once a year Simmering Sausage Fest, with Saucisse Vaudoise, Saucisson à Cuire and Rheinlaender – all smoky and yummy for stews, beans, lentils….


Thursday November 19th – Sunday 22nd – Oyama`s Famous Cassouletfest


Oooooooooh yes!  The event everyone waits for every year, beans, beans, beans à la française with the option of adding duck confit, Toulouse sausages, Parisienne à l`ail and a dollop of the garlickiest Beurre de Gascogne possible!  No chance of being cold on this evening – don`t forget a good red wine to round it all up.

Also this weekend, don`t forget to take some of our fabulous Jambon de Bayonne as an appy, bring your receipt to Liberty Wines on Granville Island and receive 10% off a bottle of Beaujoulais Nouveau! Bon appetit et santé!


Friday November 27th – Sunday November 29th – Boudin Noir – order ahead!

October 2015 at Oyama

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We have a very busy October ahead at Oyama, don`t miss any of it!


Thursday October 1st-Sunday 4th -Octoberfest at Oyama


Invite your friends for this delicious traditional fest – all you need are delicious Oyama sausages, delicious beer from any of our wonderful breweries in Vancouver and delicious buns from any of our wonderful bakeries in Vancouver….PROST!

+ Friday October 2nd – Swedish Ham tasting – in case you missed it last week, now is a really good time to taste a roasted Swedish Ham so you know what yours will taste like when you order it from Oyama and roast it at home – order asap, we always sell out!


Friday October 9th to Monday October 12th – Thanksgiving at Oyama


Time to give thanks for another year of bounty.  the best way is with a delicious Swedish Ham from Oyama.  DON`T FORGET TO PREORDER, 1/2 OR WHOLE, the best ham you have ever tasted!  As well, we will offer a tantalizing selection of patés, terrines, sausages, salamis, prosciuttos, cheeses and more so your feast will be beyond compare!


Thursday October 22nd – Sunday 25th – Latino Fest at Oyama


Olé! We would love for you to heat things up a little with our amazing assortment of chorizos – Argentinian, Chilean, Cuban, Spanish, Portuguese…try them all!


Friday October 30th to Sunday November 1st – Halloween Blood Sausage Fest


Now this should be an interesting Halloween!  3-4 different blood sausages to try, all delicious!!

September 2015 at Oyama

fall-featured-smgarlicboudin noir with applessliced Swedish ham

Another beautiful summer is past and golden fall is upon us!  Celebrate a new season with Oyama!


First week of September – Back to school September 8th

The most wonderful time of the year!  Time to stock up on those delicious Oyama cold cuts such as Roasted Turkey Breast, at least 6 tasty hams, roast beef, sliced salami Ham Mortadella, Bavarian Mortadella with Pistachios and more.  Or, how about a special treat – pepperoni and other snacking sausages?! Tons of cheese for slicing as well!


Thursday September 17th-Sunday 20th – Oyama Garlic Fest


Ooooooh yes, we love garlic!  Come check out all the tasty sausages you can have with loads of B.C. garlic in them – Garlic Smokies, Garlic Parsley Toulouse, Smoked Garlic Brats, Basque Garlic Chorizo – to name a few + Black Garlic Terrine, Smoked Garlic Salami and much more!


Friday September 25th to 27th – Boudin Noir, first of the season

Friday September 25th – Swedish Ham tasting


Time to start thinking about Thanksgiving, which means, time to order your delicious, best ham on Earth Swedish Ham! 1/2 or whole, a must on the Thanksgiving Dinner table. Come taste a roasted one at our store this weekend, you will be sold on it for sure!

Summer 2015 at Oyama

Sausages on barbecue DSCN1191DSCN0226canadadayDSCN009835



Don`t even think about leaving Oyama out of your summer fun!  We are ready to treat you to the most deliciously diverse menu of sausages, salamis, patés and hams ever!

BBQ, Picnics, Parties, Beach Time, Hiking….We have you covered at Oyama!

40-50 types of fresh sausages each week for the BBQ and at least a dozen smoked ones.

Patés, terrines, salamis and prosciuttos for the perfect picnic at the beach, + wonderful cheeses from around the world.

Snacks galore like pepperoni, Landjaeger, Bierbeisser, etc. to keep up your strength for those summer hikes, viewing the fireworks…

Hams, turkey and many more delicious cold cuts for easy sandwiches.

Whatever you do this summer, don`t forget to take Oyama along for the perfect treat!

Canada Day July 1st – come on down for the parade and lots of great Canada Day activities + tons of tasty choices at Oyama

B.C. Day Long Weekend – August 1-3- order your Chili Cheese Sausages ahead, they always go fast!

Happy Yummy Summer!!!

bbq trilogy asparagus-schinken DSCN0911bbq`d sausages fireworks picnic!sausage and beer DSCN0224