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February 2016 at Oyama

The month of love is upon us and at Oyama we always feel the love (especially for sausages)!  Since this is a leap year, enjoy a whole extra day of Oyama Sausages this year!  Also, don`t forget, we are open on Family Day, so why not bring the family to Granville Island for some fun, then stop in the Public Market to pick up dinner!  Celebrate with our great events:



Friday February 12th-Sunday 14th – Valentine’s Weekend at Oyama

There is no better way to show your love than with Oyama’s delicious sausages, salamis, terrines and more!  Celebrate an entire weekend of love with our amazing Love Terrine with a heart inside, Truffled Duck Paté, Creamy Raspberry and Duck Paté, or, our famous Elk and White Chocolate Salami, Truffled Duck Sausage, Champagne Truffle Chicken Sausage or Venison Blueberry Sausage.  How about an appy with incredible Truffle Salami and other amazing Oyama charcuterie?  Last but not least, don’t forget our famous delicious “Love Ham”, the Jambon des Aimes-roasted delectable ham extraordinaire!  Happy Valentine`s Day from Oyama!

DSCN0065 news-6 italian-flag
Thursday February 18th-Sunday 21st – Viva Italia!

Everyone loves Italian and at Oyama we love  to viva it up with a huge array of Italian inspired sausages, salamis, etc.  Check out some of our delicious sausages like Spicy Italian, Mild Italian with Fennel, Italian Basil Sausages, Montalcino, Roasted Fennel Sausages and more.  Our almost infamous Finocchiona Salami with just the right amount of wild fennel makes for the perfect addition to your charcuterie tray, along with some Hot Capicollo, Bison Bressaola, Parma Prosciutto and much more.  Our neighbor Duso`s Pasta will provide you with all your favorite antipasti like olives, tapenade and more, as well as dozens of different kinds of fresh pasta  for the perfect Italian meal.  Head over to Liberty Wines on Granville Island for a nice wine, they have lots of recommendations.  Buon Appetito!


Friday February 26th – Sunday 28th – Boudin Noir Weekend

Don`t forget to order ahead, the perfect cold weather sausage!

January 2016 at Oyama

January – a time to get moving!  New Year`s resolutions made, let`s go!  We have super quick, easy and delicious dinners for you with loads of Oyama sausages, lean and soooooo tasty!  Lean snacks and cold cuts will keep the kids happy as they head back to school.  Oyama will make your January bright!


Thursday January 21st- Sunday 24th – Oyama`s famous Sauerkrautfest!Untitled


Tis` the season again for the tastiest Alsatian style sauerkraut at Oyama.  Fully cooked, with an array of yummy sausages, both fresh and smoked, kassler and more.  Add the beer from any one of Vancouver`s wonderful micro breweries and enjoy a delicious warming weekend with Oyama!


Friday January 29- Sunday 31st – Boudin Noir and Morcilla Boudin-noir


Our famous and delicious blood sausages, a specialty not to be missed.  Remember to order ahead!

December 2015 at Oyama

CHRISTMAS FOOD Oyama Sleighbells are ringing – can you hear them?!  Christmas parties, events, dinners galore this month?  Take Oyama along and have the best time ever.  We have so much to offer for trays, dinners, aperitifs and gifts.  Make it the best Christmas ever and don`t forget to order your delicious SWEDISH HAM for your amazing Christmas dinner!


st hubertus 1Thursday December 3rd to Sunday 6th – St Hubertus and Game Weekend

The patron saint of the hunt is back.  Game meat is delicious and we have so many things for you to try – wild boar, venison, bison, elk, rabbit, pheasant… terrines, patés, prosciuttos, fresh sausages and more – don`t miss it!

Also this weekend – Swedish Ham tasting.  If you`ve never had our incredible Swedish Ham for Christmas, this is the year!  Come taste the cooked version this weekend at Oyama and place your order right away!swed ham cranberries


boudin noir with applesFriday December 11th –  Sunday 13th – Last Boudin Noir for 2015 

Update: We have postponed the Boudin Noir until the end of January.  Our elves are just too busy making hundreds of specialty Christmas items.  Come and try our many terrines, patés, salamis, prosciuttos…..  We will also most definitely have our famous Black Pudding, should you require some blood sausage at this time.  We will still have our Swedish Ham tasting on this weekend!

So delicious with mashed potatoes and roasted apples!  Order early, we will not make them again until the end of January 2016.

Also this weekend: Swedish Ham tasting.  Last chance to sample the cooked version before Christmas.  Order for sure, we always sell out!


From then on, our incredible selection of yummy holiday treats keeps increasing to give you the most wonderful, tastiest holiday season ever!  View our Christmas list online from December 1st on.

Pre-order your Boudin Blanc, pork pies, Paté en Croute, breakfast sausages and more for Christmas.  Remember, if you pre-order your ENTIRE Christmas order, you can use our Fast Lane service from December 21st to December 24th.   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!christmas holly and bells

November 2015 at Oyama

DSCN0519 cheesefest 2013-1 cassoulet14 DSCN1469 manger cassoulet DSCN0488 rosy camp boudin noir with apples


It`s that time of the year when Oyama makes the grey go away with delicious comfort foods!  Entertaining season is beginning, we`re ready!


Thursday November 5th – Sunday November 8th – Oyama`s Cheese Fest and Simmering Sausage Fest


Sausage and cheese are wonderful partners!  We celebrate our diverse selection of delicious cheeses this weekend with lots of local and international choices.  Lots of samples, easy cooking ideas, ideas for party trays and more.  Fall in love with some of our scrumptious, oozingly cheesy sausages such as Gouda Brats, Cheesy Italian, Cheese Smokies, Lamb with Feta and more!

Also this weekend, our once a year Simmering Sausage Fest, with Saucisse Vaudoise, Saucisson à Cuire and Rheinlaender – all smoky and yummy for stews, beans, lentils….


Thursday November 19th – Sunday 22nd – Oyama`s Famous Cassouletfest


Oooooooooh yes!  The event everyone waits for every year, beans, beans, beans à la française with the option of adding duck confit, Toulouse sausages, Parisienne à l`ail and a dollop of the garlickiest Beurre de Gascogne possible!  No chance of being cold on this evening – don`t forget a good red wine to round it all up.

Also this weekend, don`t forget to take some of our fabulous Jambon de Bayonne as an appy, bring your receipt to Liberty Wines on Granville Island and receive 10% off a bottle of Beaujoulais Nouveau! Bon appetit et santé!


Friday November 27th – Sunday November 29th – Boudin Noir – order ahead!