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Asian Inspiration Weekend!

asian inspirationCome and choose from a wonderful assortment of Asian inspired sausages – Japanese Chicken, Lemongrass Chicken, Miso Pork, Vietnamese Pork…to name a few. Stop by our stall anytime between February 7–10, 1:00–3:00pm.

Super Bowl Goodies!

Pick up all your treats at Oyama. We have snacking sausages galore – Bison or Turkey pepperoni, Honey Garlic Pepperoni, Landjager, Bierbeisser (great with beer, of course!) and more. Also, choose from awesome sausages to serve with nachos or tacos – Texas Bison Chorizo, Mexican Chorizo, Cuban Chorizo, Garlic Bratwurst, Beer Bratwurst, Malaysian Curry Lamb and Chilpotle Bourbon Sausages. Also this weekend, Boudin Noir is available – order ahead to be sure you get some.

Event held: February 1–3

Oyama Choucroute
& Sauerkraut Festival

DSCN0610Come to our annual Sauerkraut festival! Our very own delicious Alsatian style sauerkraut, fully cooked, just heat it up.  Along with this we will make a cornucopia of fresh sausages, smoked sausages and meats to serve alongside the sauerkraut.  Add to this wine and beer recommendations from Liberty Wines and Granville Island Brewery and you have a wonderful meal!  It may be cold and grey outside, but inside it will be warm and cozy, not to mention tasty, thanks to Oyama!

Event held: January 17th–20th