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Spring has sprung at Oyama and April will be busy!  We have tons of new and delicious sausages, patés, hams and more coming and some wonderful special events:

English Flag Bangers-mash-1 12english cheeses


Thursday April 10th- Sunday 13th – Bring Out the Bangers!

Enjoy a taste of Merry Olde England with a scrumptious assortment of sausages such as Cumberland, Nottingham Bangers, Apple Pork, Lincolnshire Bangers, Tomato Sausages and more.  Don`t forget to pick up one of our world famous pork pies (okay, maybe not world famous, but fantastically delicious!) and some fantastic Stilton to enjoy afterwards with that necessary glass of port!

Also, we will be sampling our Swedish Ham that weekend, so you remember to order it for Easter.  The best ham on Earth!

easter eggseaster chicks easter egg basket easter tulips


Thursday April 17th-Monday 21st – EASTER WEEKEND AT OYAMA

The Oyama Easter bunnies are already hard at work preparing special treats to ensure your dinner will be delicious and memorable.  Don`t forget to order your Swedish Ham and come by for the best patés, terrines, salamis, prosciuttos and more!

March 2014 at Oyama



They say March roars in like a lion and leaves like a lamb.  At Oyama, we roar almost all the time, with plenty of yummy things happening to tantalize your taste buds, no matter what the weather is like!


hawaiian luau buffetHawaii-oceanhappy pirateDSCN1681 IMG_20140305_105502 IMG_20140306_082725


Thursday March 6th-Sunday 9th – Aloha Oyama & Pirates of the Caribbean

Bring the tropical sunshine to your dinner table with loads of tasty sausages like Jamaican Jerk Pork, Mint Chilpotle Lamb, Mango Rum Pork, Maui Beef, Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken, Nori Coconut Turkey, Cuban Chorizo, to name a few and Pineapple Rum Glazed Ham.  Aaaaaaaaargh, that`s good stuff!

leprechaun-and-pot-of-goldFriday March 14th-Sunday 16th – St Paddies Weekendirish sausages st pattySt.PatrickDay

The luck of the Irish comes to Oyama for St Paddies!  Beef Guinness Sausages, Irish Spring Chicken Sausages, Irish Rosemary Sausages, Irish Potato Leek Sausages, are for the dinner table.  Guinness Beer Glazed Ham, Irish Corned Beef, Dubliner Cheddar and Irish Guinness Cheddar make for delicious, original sandwiches.  Don`t forget  a pint or two of Guinness!


Friday March 28th- Sunday 31st – Boudin Noir and Morcilla

This might be the last Boudin Noir of the season until the fall, so order ahead and enjoy!  Morcilla is another specialty blood sausage, delicious grilled or simmered.

February 2014 at Oyama

DSCN0063 DSCN0623


Aaaaaaaaah, February, the month of love!  At Oyama we will help you celebrate all month!


Thursday February 14th-Sunday 16th – Valentine`s Weekend at Oyama


Nothing says “I love you” quite like delicious food!  Make it a memorable evening with appys like our famous “Love Terrine”, a special terrine with a heart inside, or Truffled Duck Paté, Creamy Duck and Raspberry Paté, or delicate Truffle Salami.  Then, how about delicious sausages, like Elk with White Chocolate, Truffled Duck Sausage, Champagne Truffle Chicken or Venison Blueberry?  Don`t forget our wonderful “Love Ham”, the Jambon des Aimes!  Happy Valentines`s Day from Oyama!


Thursday February 20th- Sunday 23rd – Viva Italia!


Back by popular demand, a celebration of delicious Italian sausages, salamis, prosciuttos and more.  Lots of tasty choices like Roasted Fennel Sausage, Mild Italian Duck, Sweet Italian Chicken, Montalcino and more.  Make it a classy pasta weekend.  head over to Duso`s pasta for the olives, tapenade, pasta and more, and take a recommended red from Liberty Wines at Granville Island for a complete delicious Italian meal.


Friday February 27th-Sunday March 1st – Boudin Noir


Another round of our delicious French blood sausage.  Great with mashed potatoes, and roasted apples.  Don`t forget to order ahead, we always sell out.

January 2014 at Oyama


Happy New Year from Oyama! We start 2014 off with a bang with our famous Choucroute/Sauerkraut Fest from January 23rd-26th and plenty of delicious sausage selections for your winter enjoyment all month long. Find out about all the beneficial herbs and spices we use in our products!

Thursday Jan. 23rd – Sunday Jan. 26th | Oyama’s famous Choucroute/Sauerkraut Fest

Take home our delicious homemade Alsatian style sauerkraut, fully cooked, all you need to do is heat it up. Choose from a huge assortment of smoked and fresh sausages, kassler, bacons and more to compliment your choucroute. Add a selection of craft beers from Granville Island Brewery or a fine Riesling or Gewurztraminer from Liberty on Granville Island and your meal is complete!

Thursday Jan. 30th – Sunday Feb. 1st | Boudin Noir

Another round of our delicious Boudin Noir – a delicate super tasty blood sausage. Try it gently cooked in a pan with butter, fried apples and served with mashed potatoes. The ideal winter meal!