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May 2016 at Oyama

The beautiful month of May – a time to honor our mothers and to get ready for Oyama`s official launch into summer!

mothers_bouquetFriday May 6th – Sunday 8th – Mother`s Day Weekend

Celebrate Mom all weekend with tasty treats from Oyama!  Delicious patés and terrines, including favorites like Strasbourg Terrine, Pheasant Terrine and Wild Boar Terrine, or Mushroom Armagnac Pâté and many more.  We`re really going to town on sausages this year, such as Truffled Pheasant, Champagne Truffle Chicken, Italian Marsala and many more.  Not to mention a cornucopia of prosciuttos, salamis and cheeses to choose from to really celebrate Mom in style!  Happy Mother`s Day

summer bbq DSCN0226Friday May 20th – Sunday 23rd – May Long Weekend – Oyama`s Official Summer Begins!

Oooooooh yes, the true beginning of summer is this weekend when Oyama makes our famous Chili Cheese Brats and Southern Pulled Pork sausages!  These delectable sausages are only available for the summer long weekends, so be sure to order ahead!  Lots of other delicious BBQ sausages to choose from as well as tons of picnic ideas (pork pies, charcuterie, snacking sausages…).  Give your perfect Vancouver summer the right start!

beer-banner beer and charcuterie craft beerFriday May 27th-Sunday 29th – Craft Beer Weekend

Vancouver is celebrating Craft Beer Week and so are we!  Either we use local craft beer in our sausages, or we recommend many of our sausages to be enjoyed with local craft beer.  Either way we will make some super tasty things like Craft Beer Ham, Craft Beer Salami, Dark Beer Chorizo, Beer Brats and much more.  Prosit!