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October 2015 at Oyama

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We have a very busy October ahead at Oyama, don`t miss any of it!


Thursday October 1st-Sunday 4th -Octoberfest at Oyama


Invite your friends for this delicious traditional fest – all you need are delicious Oyama sausages, delicious beer from any of our wonderful breweries in Vancouver and delicious buns from any of our wonderful bakeries in Vancouver….PROST!

+ Friday October 2nd – Swedish Ham tasting – in case you missed it last week, now is a really good time to taste a roasted Swedish Ham so you know what yours will taste like when you order it from Oyama and roast it at home – order asap, we always sell out!


Friday October 9th to Monday October 12th – Thanksgiving at Oyama


Time to give thanks for another year of bounty.  the best way is with a delicious Swedish Ham from Oyama.  DON`T FORGET TO PREORDER, 1/2 OR WHOLE, the best ham you have ever tasted!  As well, we will offer a tantalizing selection of patés, terrines, sausages, salamis, prosciuttos, cheeses and more so your feast will be beyond compare!


Thursday October 22nd – Sunday 25th – Latino Fest at Oyama


Olé! We would love for you to heat things up a little with our amazing assortment of chorizos – Argentinian, Chilean, Cuban, Spanish, Portuguese…try them all!


Friday October 30th to Sunday November 1st – Halloween Blood Sausage Fest


Now this should be an interesting Halloween!  3-4 different blood sausages to try, all delicious!!