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September 2015 at Oyama

fall-featured-smgarlicboudin noir with applessliced Swedish ham

Another beautiful summer is past and golden fall is upon us!  Celebrate a new season with Oyama!


First week of September – Back to school September 8th

The most wonderful time of the year!  Time to stock up on those delicious Oyama cold cuts such as Roasted Turkey Breast, at least 6 tasty hams, roast beef, sliced salami Ham Mortadella, Bavarian Mortadella with Pistachios and more.  Or, how about a special treat – pepperoni and other snacking sausages?! Tons of cheese for slicing as well!


Thursday September 17th-Sunday 20th – Oyama Garlic Fest


Ooooooh yes, we love garlic!  Come check out all the tasty sausages you can have with loads of B.C. garlic in them – Garlic Smokies, Garlic Parsley Toulouse, Smoked Garlic Brats, Basque Garlic Chorizo – to name a few + Black Garlic Terrine, Smoked Garlic Salami and much more!


Friday September 25th to 27th – Boudin Noir, first of the season

Friday September 25th – Swedish Ham tasting


Time to start thinking about Thanksgiving, which means, time to order your delicious, best ham on Earth Swedish Ham! 1/2 or whole, a must on the Thanksgiving Dinner table. Come taste a roasted one at our store this weekend, you will be sold on it for sure!