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February 2015 at Oyama

valentinesFebruary is the month of love and at Oyama we want to help you celebrate every day!  We have so much planned, 28 days are just not enough for the culinary enjoyment we provide!

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Friday February 13th-Sunday 15th  Valentine`s Weekend at Oyama

Treat your beloved to a wonderful selection of patés, sausages and more this weekend!  Try our famous “Love Terrine” with a savory heart inside, or Truffled Duck Paté, Creamy Duck and Raspberry Paté, or how about our wonderful Truffle Salami?  For a truly romantic dinner, Elk and White Chocolate Sausages, Truffle Duck Sausages, Duck Orange, Champagne Truffle Chicken, Okanagan Bordeaux, Okanagan Red Wine Lamb, Venison Blueberry….Last but not least – our super famous Jambon des Aimes, the “Love Ham” – so delicious!  Happy Valentine`s from Oyama!

Thursday February 19th-Sunday 22nd  Viva Italia!       DSCN0224DSCN0065

Everybody loves Italian and Oyama celebrates in style with an amazing selection of Italian sausages, salamis, prosciuttos and more.  Try some favorites such as Italian Sausage with Marsala, Roasted Fennel Sausage, Italian Basil Sausage, Montalcino, Spicy Italian Turkey, Sweet Italian Chicken and more.  Prepare an appy plate of Italian salumi with salamis, dry cured products, Mortadella and more.  Head over to Duso`s or Zara`s in the Market for olives and pasta and be prepared for a Viva Italia weekend.  Bene!

Friday February 27th – Sunday March 1st  Boudin Noir  Please preorder, as always  Boudin-noir