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christmas holly and bells  Is it that wonderful time of year again?  It sure is at Oyama!  You can take us along to any party, event, dinner, you name it!  Of course, Christmas is the most momentous event of this month, but we have lots happening all December!Christmas-Feast-@Lobby-Cafe-


st hubertus 1 Thursday Dec. 4th –  Sunday Dec. 7th -St Hubertus and Game Weekend

We have so many delicious game products and it doesn`t hurt to celebrate this with the patron saint of the hunt!  Come and try our delicious wild boar, bison, duck, rabbit, venison, elk and more patés, terrines, dry cured prosciuttos, fresh sausages and more.  Delicious!

Also on this weekend: Swedish Ham tasting.  Just in case you have still not tried our amazing ham, now is your chance.  Try it, order it for Christmas, have the best ham ever!  Comes with easy to follow cooking instructions.

Boudin-noir Friday Dec. 12th – Sunday Dec. 14th- Last Boudin Noir for 2014

Don`t forget to order and savor this delicacy.  It makes a quick and delicious dinner with mashed potatoes and roasted apples in this busy time.

Also, one more Swedish Ham tasting.  Last chance to try it before Christmas.  Order right away, we always sell out of our wonderful Swedish Hams!


From then on, it`s Christmas all the way, as we add more and more savory delights to our already huge selection for the tastiest holiday season ever!  View our Christmas list online, from December 1st on @   Happy Holidays!