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December at Oyama!

st hubertus 1 CHRISTMAS FOOD


It`s the most wonderful time of the year!! If you need anything exciting for parties, gatherings, gifts… look no further than Oyama!  We make the most amazing party trays, beautiful gift baskets and more.  Check out our website at   for plenty of ideas.  It`s a non stop party at Oyama until the New Year from now on!

Friday Dec. 6th – Sunday Dec. 8th – St Hubertus and Game Weekend + Swedish Ham tasting

We celebrate the game season with the patron saint of hunters, St. Hubertus.  On offer this weekend an amazing array of wonderful game products like Pheasant Truffle Brats, Elk Sausage w/ Juniper and Alder Smoked Sea Salt, Venison Sausage with Chestnuts, Shihari Duck Sausage, Wild Boar Mortadella, Wild Boar Headcheese, Wild boar Terrine, Wild Boar Galantine, Duck Patés galore, Creamy Bison Paté with blueberries, not to mention Duck Prosciutto, Elk Prosciutto, Bison Bressaola, game salamis and more!

In addition, we have our first Swedish Ham tasting in preparation for Christmas on Friday Dec. 6th and again on Saturday Dec. 7th, from 11-1.  Taste what your Christmas dinner could be like!  Order your Swedish Ham right away while you are at it!

Friday Dec. 13th- Sunday Dec. 16th – Last Boudin Noir and Morcilla of 2013 + another Swedish Ham tasting

Load up on the last Boudin Noir and Morcilla for this year.  Also, come again from 11 AM-1Pm on Friday and Saturday  for our second Swedish Ham tasting of the the season.  If you missed the first one, here is your chance to make up for it and order you Swedish Ham.  The best Ham on Earth!!

Our Christmas list is up on the website and hanging in the store.  Order as soon as possible, don`t miss out on the best Christmas yet!

Please remember, we are open 8:30-7 every day, closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day, as well as New Year`s Day.  On December 24th and 31st, we will be open from 8-4, so we can all enjoy Christmas with our families!