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Time to Order Your Thanksgiving Swedish Hams!

Glazed Roast Ham


Your Thanksgiving dinner could look like this.  Order our famous Swedish ham today.  You do need to cook it, it is a raw cured ham, but we give you easy to follow cooking and glazing instructions.  Each year more and more people are raving about it and ordering it.  Hurry and order via phone or email, we always sell out.  Don`t forget, Thanksgiving Day is October 14th.  Our wonderful hams will be available from Thursday October 10th to Monday October 14th for pick up.  Don`t be disappointed, order today!!

Garlic Fest This Week at Oyama!!

too much garlic garlic


Don`t miss our fantastic Garlic Fest this week until September 22nd!  Celebrate the bounty of B.C.garlic in many different sausages such as Garlic Smokies, Saucisse d`Arleux, Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausages, Roasted Garlic Bison Sausages, Black Garlic Terrine and many more!  Dracula beware, Oyama is here!

September at Oyama

The glorious colors of fall are upon us!  Once again, we have an awesome array of goodies coming your way!

For the kids (and adults, of course!): the tastiest hams, turkey, salamis and more for the best sandwiches, wraps, etc.  Assorted pepperonis and snacking sausages as well, lean and delicious. For easy dinners: every week 30-40 or more fresh and smoked sausages for soups, stir-fires, tacos, mash, pasta and more.

Thursday September 19th-Sunday September 22nd:  Oyama`s famous and delicious garlic fest!  We love fresh garlic and in this week you will find a cornucopia of fresh and smoked sausages and salamis, such as Basque Garlic Chorizo with B.C. espelette peppers, Roasted Garlic Bison, Smoked Garlic Brats, Roasted Garlic Chicken, Saucisse d`Arleux and many more, as well as Red Russian Garlic Salami and Black Garlic Terrine – yummy!

Friday September 27th-Sunday September 29th:  The first Boudin Noir of the fall season.  Order early!

Remember, Thanksgiving is coming from October 12th-14th. Order your Swedish Ham from us as soon as possible, the best ham in town!!