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Summer at Oyama!!

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Going to the beach?  For a hike?  On a sailboat cruise?  To a BBQ party?  Camping?  We have you covered for delicious and satisfying food!  Every week, dozens of fresh and smoked sausages to throw on the grill.  At least a dozen various snacks to energize you on that hike or rafting trip.  Bring a tray of charcuterie and patés or sausages for the BBQ to the next pool party and you will be invited over and over again!  For the perfect picnic, pick up a selection of salamis, prosciuttos, cheeses and patés, stop by one of the Granville Island bakeries for bread, pick up some fresh fruit at any one of our vegetable stands and whatever else you need to have the tastiest picnic possible.  We are here to help you make this the best summer ever!