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May 28-June 2nd – International Children`s Festival at Granville Island

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Special sausages and snacks just for the kids (and adults, of course!).  Honey Garlic  and Regular Pepperoni, Maple Syrup Ham, Creamy Havarti Cheese, Wieners, Turkey Wieners, Grassfed Beef Dogs, tons of fresh sausages (starting Wednesday) such as Apple Pork, Apple Chicken, Blueberry Turkey, Maple Breakfast Sausages, Maple Tomato Sausages,  Honey Garlic Pork and many more! Come on down to Granville Island for some fun and great food!


bbq trilogyDSCN0226Don`t miss out on 40+ types of fresh sausages this weekend, including the CHILI CHEESE BRATWURST!! Order ahead, don`t miss them!

Mother`s Day is coming this weekend!

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We have so many treats coming for Mom this weekend, starting on Thursday already, to make it a Mother`s Day weekend!  Strasbourg Terrine, Terrine Bordelaise, Cognac Paté, Duck Truffle Sausage, Champagne Truffle Chicken Sausage, Venison with Blueberries, Okanagan Bordeaux Sausage, Mint Souvlaki Pork, Tuscan Summer Lamb Sausage, Persian Chicken with Cherries and many more.  Treat Mom extra well with Oyama`s help!

May 2nd -5th

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So many delicious sausages this weekend.  Enjoy the sunshine with a pile of BBQ`d sausages from Oyama, so yummy!